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 "The Battery that Runs on Water"

 The NOPOPO Eco-Friendly Battery

 It's called NoPoPO and it stands for No Pollution Power. The first totally Eco Friendly battery that runs on Water. It's rechargable and completely recyclable.

One of the latest advancements by the Japanese in battery technology. It is a battery that runs off of regular drinking water, or almost any other water based liquid for that matter. Don't think of it as a battery, but rather as a small electric generator.
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The battery has a shelf life of 20 years, and can be recharged or "Re-Filled" up to 5 times. Each battery has the ability to produce 1.5 volts @ 500mA of current on just a few drops of water. When the battery runs down and no longer produces the required current, simply add a few drops of water and
"Presto" you are back to like new again with full power.

 Battery Manufactured by

Water Battery, Inc.
Is the exculsive Importer and Distributor for the United States. These batteries will be available online and at your local retailer in the coming months.


At the present time the battery is only available in AA size. The battery is designed to work with devices that require low current, i.e., Radios, Flashlights, Remotes, etc.

The battery looks just like our standard batteries that we use today. This happens to be a "AA" battery.

The one exception is, this new type of battery has a small hole in the bottom that you fill with a small amount of water.

You can fill the battery with water using the small squeeze bulb eye dropper that comes with the battery, or

You can fill the battery by just dropping it into a glass of regular drinking water.

Don't worry about the battery shorting out in the water, because it actually uses the water to make electricity.

You need to leave it in the water for 3 to 5 minutes.

Once you have filled the battery with a few drops of water, dry it off with a paper towel.

Insert the battery into your battery operated device like normal.

And, PRESTO!! You are now a true Green person. You are now creating useful power for your everyday life out of regular drinking water.

You can even use an adapter to charge your cell phone from the new type battery.

 Just think of all of the uses.
The world is about to change!!

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Water Power Battery Video "How it Works"

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On June 4, 2010 an exclusive Import Distribution Agreement was entered into between Aqua Power System Japan. the Japanese manufacturer and Mark Blanton, President CEO of Water Battery, Inc. This agreement authorizes Water Battery, Inc. exclusive rights handle all United States business regarding all importation and distribution of this new battery technology called NoPoPo by Aqua Power System Japan.

Available at your local retailer in the coming months.


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